My Interview with a Young Adult Reader

Recently for class we were assigned the task of interviewing a Young Adult Reader and I enjoyed my experience so much that I wanted to share the results! For privacy purposes we will call this spunky young lass “M”. 


M is a 14 year old girl enjoying the summer before her first year in high school. She never considered herself an avid reader, until the age of twelve that is. She makes note that her older sister was passionate about reading, but M was never really interested. Then something amazing happened! For her eleventh birthday she got the first Harry Potter book (this struck me as wonderfully thematic by the way), a gift from the big sis.


Feeling as if a familiar tale was about to be told, I fully expected to hear that she devoured all seven books in two weeks and her life was forever changed. To my astonishment this was not the picture that M painted for me.


M told me that it took her an entire year, and a second gift of book two, to come around and pick up the first book. An accord was struck between the two sisters. M would finish the first four Harry Potter books and then they would spend an entire weekend together, just the two of them. It was at this point that I learned M’s sister is ten years her senior. M leaped at the chance to spend an entire weekend with her big sis. Four books in exchange for forty eight hours of no parents, husbands, or any other unnecessary distractions stealing precious sister time-why not right?


She says that the first two books held her interest but it wasn’t until the end of book four that she became fully invested in the series. And here is where I heard the story that fuels my firey passion for reading. A book, or rather a series of books, changed her life. It wasn’t instant but it did happen. After finishing book four she was hooked. She immediately rushed to the library to check out the next five, and subsequently devoured them. M did get that sisters only weekend she was promised, although instead of shopping and manicures, the weekend was spent decorating pumpkin pastes and drinking virgin butterbeer.


Harry Potter didn’t discover reading for M, it just showed her that there are books out there she could enjoy. M now considers herself an avid reader and constantly recommends books to everyone she interacts with. Since journeying with Harry on an epic adventure that will forever be remembered by wizards everywhere, M has rebelled against The Capital with Katniss Everdeen, found her faction in Divergent and even explored the world of Lowry’s Giver.


Besides loving literature and reading everything she can get her hands on M’s greatest accomplishment, in her mind, is convincing her parents to do the same. She has persuaded her parents to read Divergent and even though they are just starting the second book in the series, the accomplishment M feels radiates from her.


M’s next goal, having become a frequent flyer of her local library, is to learn to drive so she won’t have to depend on anyone to get her to where she can be surrounded by the literature she now holds near and dear.


This reinforced the idea that great readers aren’t always born readers, but rather that great readers create other great readers. I love the idea that someone’s love of literature isn’t sparked by a gene, but rather a book. 



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  2. jan
    Jun 27, 2013 @ 00:53:41

    thanks for sharing…goes to show if we become motivated we may become inspired


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