Achievement Unlocked:Crafting!

As many of you know I have officially accepted a teaching position for next year! I am beyond excited! I will be teaching fifth grade at Owyhee Elementary next year (Go Diamondbacks!). In preparation for the upcoming school year I have been yard sailing, book buying, curriculum reviewing, and pinning wonderful ideas for classroom decore. One idea I was particularly interested in was turning milk crates into seating/storage for my small group table.

Here are my supplies:


I bought the crates on sale at shopko, but they can be found pretty much anywhere. I went to Lowes for the wood they will cut it to size for you for fifty cents a cut plus the price of the wood. When I went to the cutting area, though I discovered that they have a pile of discarded wood that they don’t even charge for! I was able to claim one of those pieces and only ended up having to pay for the cuts! On a side note, i brought my crate with me so they could measure it. It seemed like a good idea to leave the measuring and cutting to the pros πŸ™‚

I bought the mattress pad from Walmart but I think you could buy foam somewhere else for cheaper πŸ™‚ (I was just being impatient and wanted to do my craft!). The fabric was generously donated by my family πŸ™‚ Lefft,overs from an amazing outside bench project they had!

Once I had my supplies I plugged in my glue gun and got rolling. To finish this craft you just cut the foam and fabric to fit the wood, and glue it all together πŸ™‚ here are some pictures of the finished project!


The whole project cost me about seven dollars a crate, and am so excited to use them! πŸ™‚ I do have some left over fabric that I’m not sure what to do with it. Any thoughts Internet?



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  1. Becca
    Jul 26, 2013 @ 01:11:25

    I’ve seen this- but love all your mismatched fabric that goes well together! might have to think about trying it out this year myself!


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